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Distributing Awesomium.NET

.NET Language:

When working on a system where the Awesomium SDK is installed, projects that use Awesomium.NET reference the Awesomium.NET assemblies and native Awesomium libraries deployed in your system’s GAC by the SDK’s installer.

To distribute your application, you must make sure all the necessary references are deployed alongside your executable or to the target system’s Global Assembly Cache (GAC).

Windows Installer

The Awesomium SDK installation package includes a Windows Installer Merge Module that takes care of deploying all necessary Awesomium.NET assemblies and Awesomium native libraries to the target system’s Global Assembly Cache (GAC).

The merge module is not deployed by default when installing the SDK. To get the merge module, when installing the SDK:

  1. Select Custom installation.
  2. Check the Redistribution Modules under Awesomium.NET.

If you have already installed the SDK, follow these steps:

  1. Start the installer by either selecting the Awesomium SDK under the Programs and Features page (Add Remove Programs on Windows XP) of the Control Panel and clicking on Change, or by selecting Setup under the SDK’s Start Menu folder.
  2. When the installer opens, click on Modify.
  3. Check the Redistribution Modules under Awesomium.NET.
  4. Click the Modify button to apply the changes.

After installing the SDK, the default location of the merge module is:


The name of the merge module file (last character depends on the version) is: AWENET017X.msm. Include the merge module to your Windows Installer project (the method depends on the Windows Installer editor used). This is all you need to distribute your application.

ClickOnce or Manual Deployment

If you want to use other methods of deploying your application (such as ClickOnce or manual deployment, or third-party installation tools), you need to make sure that all the necessary Awesomium and Awesomium.NET binaries are deployed alongside your executable.

The following steps describe how you can automatically copy all the Awesomium.NET assemblies and native libraries to your project’s output directory, when developing with Visual Studio.

  1. Expand the References folder in Solution Explorer (for a VB.NET project, open your project’s properties and select the References tab).
  2. Select all the Awesomium.NET assemblies used by your application (all the assemblies starting with: Awesomium.). One of them, must always be Awesomium.Core.dll: the major dependency of Awesomium.NET.
  3. In the Properties window, set Copy Local to True.

Copying Awesomium.NET references in C# and VB.NET

Next time you build your project, all Awesomium.NET assemblies including the necessary native Awesomium libraries, will be copied to your output directory. This is all you need to distribute your application.