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What's New in 1.7 RC3

.NET Language:

Here is a quick summary of the changes in Awesomium.NET 1.7 RC3:

New Features

  • Added support for the new, windowed web-views that render directly to HWND. Read more in Introduction to Web-Views.
  • Added the Windows Forms WebControl. The control now wraps a windowed web-view.
  • Added IResourceInterceptor. You can assign your implementation to the WebCore to intercept requests for resources, modify requests, and return custom responses. See an example of usage, in the included JavascriptSample.
  • Added the IWebViewPresenter interface to the Awesomium.Windows.Controls assembly, for creating custom presenters of an IWebView instance, that can be added to the style of the WebControl.
  • The WPF WebControl can now wrap a windowed web-view. A predefined presenter has been added (see WebViewHost), that is used to present a windowed web-view, taking advantage of full hardware acceleration. Read more in: Working with Windowed Web-Views.
  • The WPF and Windows Forms WebControls, now handle downloads and selecting local files automatically, by showing the necessary dialogs. Custom handling is still in place and improved. Read more about custom handling, here: FileDialogEventArgs.Handled.
  • Significantly improved the powerful DataSource API that allows you to provide a custom resource loader for a set of URLs that match a certain prefix. See the API Changes section below, and read the Using Data-Sources article. All predefined DataSources are now under the new Awesomium.Core.Data namespace.
  • Added DirectoryDataSource, a predefined DataSource that loads resources from a local directory. Resources can also be cached in-memory for fast response.
  • Added ResourceDataSource, a predefined DataSource that loads resources from embedded or packed (Build Action: Resource) application resources. The ResourceDataSource can also load resources from an external managed assembly.
  • Added the base DataSourceProvider, a WPF DataSource provider that can be used in XAML.
  • Added WPF DataSourceProviders under the new Awesomium.Windows.Data namespace, for each of the available DataSources under Awesomium.Core.Data. These can be used in XAML (see Using Data-Sources).
  • Added the ability to specify one ore more DataSourceProvider instances to a WebSessionProvider in XAML (see the API Changes section below).
  • The WPF WebSessionProvider can now provide a WebSession that is synchronized to disk.
  • The Windows Forms WebControl and the WebView, now support Data Binding. For more details, read the Handling Events - Binding to Notifications section in Introduction to Web-Views.
  • Added the IWebViewIMEComposition service for showing your own Input Method Editor widget into offscreen web-views (useful for input of Asian languages). For more details, read the Features as a Service section in Introduction to Web-Views.

API Changes

New API:

Awesomium.Windows.Controls (WPF)
Awesomium.Windows.Forms (Windows Forms)
  • WebControl: The Windows Forms WebControl is back! It now wraps a windowed web-view by default.
  • AddressBox: Represents a Windows Forms TextBox that behaves as an address-box.
  • ToolStripAddressBox: Represents a text box in a ToolStrip that behaves as an address-box.

Modified API

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with GC.Collect() called too often by the internal WebURLMarshaler.
  • Fixed issues with setting IsTransparent.
  • Fixed exception that occurred when trying to use IWebView.PrintToFile (see the modified API above).
  • Fixed exceptions that occurred when handling IWebView.ShowPopupMenu and accessing WebPopupMenuInfo.Bounds
  • Fixed bug that did now allow you to select content using the keyboard in the WPF WebControl.
  • Fixed bug with keyboard modifiers not being applied to mouse and touch events in offscreen views (like the WPF WebControl).
  • Fixed issues with commands not working in the WPF context menu.

Please read here, the list of bugs fixed in native Awesomium. Some of them affected Awesomium.NET.

Known Issues

  • On Windows 8, applications that use windowed IWebView instances (such as the Windows Forms WebControl) and create popup child views (see ShowCreatedWebViewEventArgs.IsPopup), may crash when the application exits.
  • On Windows 8, WebGL is currently not supported.

Under production:

  • When you are using the WPF WebControl, SelectLocalFiles events with FileDialogEventArgs.Mode of WebFileChooserMode.OpenFolder, will not display a dialog automatically. Currently, you will have to handle such events yourself.
  • When you are using the WPF or Windows Forms WebControls, drop-down (popup) menus (e.g., HTML: <select>), are not displayed automatically. This feature will be added on the final release of v1.7. However, the new powerful API allows you to design and display these yourself, by handling the ShowPopupMenu event.