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What's New in 1.7.3

.NET Language:

We are very proud to announce the release of Awesomium.NET 1.7.3. This is a critical update with a number of new features and enhancements.

New Features

  • Improved JavaScript Interoperation Framework (JIF) integration.
  • (Unity) Full Mac OSX support (Mac OSX package).
  • (Unity) Added the ability to create WebUIComponents that do not render their Surface. (see WebUITarget.None)
  • (Unity) Improved design-time (Editor) support.
  • (Unity) Added helper features that fix issues with creating a fullscreen player (new tab in Editor’s Preferences).
  • (Unity) Support for creating Mac OSX player from Windows.
  • (WPF) Added design-time support for Visual Studio 2012 Update 3.
  • (WPF) Improved UrlConverter to convert to and from string.
  • (Awesomium.NET Source-Code Licensees) Major improvements in building automation.

API Changes

New API:

Awesomium.Windows.Controls (WPF)

Modified API:

  • IResourceInterceptor and INavigationInterceptor service, are removed from Unity (required features not supported by Mono).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug within WebKit that caused GDI handles to constantly increase in main process. (Fix in native Awesomium)
  • Fixed issues that would cause JavaScript dialogs in in the global scope or inline scripts, not be intercepted.
  • Fixed a NotSupportedException that could be thrown when using a WPF or WinForms WebSessionProvider with child view.
  • Fixed issue when handling multiple and simultaneous JavaScript calls.
JavaScript (JIF)
  • Fixed remaining “awejif is not defined” that occured in several occassions.
  • Fixed focusing issues that would cause “Bring In Front” in GUI WebUIComponent instances to fail.
  • Fixed issue that would cause the plugin and all components stop working when changing scenes.
  • Fixed Awesomium framework bundle embedding issues with distributed MonoMac samples.

Changes in Samples

  • Minor improvements to BasicSample.
  • (Unity) Improved the behavior of the address-box in the Unity AwesomiumSample scene.
  • (WPF) Fixed issue in the TabbedWPFSample that would cause links in child windows (PopupWindow) not work appropriately.

Known Issues

  • On Windows 8, WebGL is currently not supported.

Under production:

  • When you are using the OSX OSMWebView, drop-down (popup) menus (e.g., HTML: <select>), are not displayed automatically. Predefined drop-down (popup) menus have been added to the WPF WebControl and the Windows Forms WebControl but not to the MonoMac OSMWebView yet. However, the new powerful API allows you to design and display these yourself, by handling the ShowPopupMenu event.

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