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What's New in 1.7.2

.NET Language:

We are very proud to announce the release of Awesomium.NET 1.7.2. This is a critical update with a number of new features and enhancements.

A lot has gone into this release. Before you go through the changes in Awesomium.NET, take a look at some major new features:

Support for Mono

The core assembly has undergone many changes to be platform independent. Our first official Mono and MonoMac builds are available with this release.

Starting with 1.7.2, the Windows Core assembly and the Awesomium.Mono assembly expose exactly the same API and features. Applications using only core features of Awesomium (anything currently available through the Awesomium.Core assembly), will only have to change references and packaging to distribute to Mac or Linux. Not a single line of code needs to be changed.

Support for Cocoa (OSX)

We are excited with the completion and release of Awesomium for MonoMac that allows you to build native Cocoa applications on OSX using Mono and Xamarin Studio.

A new assembly (Awesomium.Mono.Mac) that comes with the Awesomium SDK for Mac OSX, includes our first MonoMac component, OSMWebView, as well as other components and utilities for creating Cocoa applications on OSX using C# and the Mono runtime.

For details, read the following articles:

Support for Unity

Our new Unity plugin is ready and available with this release. The plugin includes a new, completely revamped component, WebUIComponent, design-time support and many new features.

For details, read the Using the Unity WebUIComponent article.

New Features

  • Crashed views can be brought back to life by calling any of the Back, Forward, Reload or by setting a new Source.
  • The ReduceMemoryUsageOnNavigation configuration setting and IWebView.ReduceMemoryUsage method have been added and can significantly reduce memory usage (at the cost of performance).
  • An IWebView.SelectionComplete event has been added that is fired when user selection in a page, is completed.
  • Our JavaScript Interoperation Framework (JIF) has been redesigned and its size has been reduced (improving performance and functionality for, window.close, content selection and JavaScript dialogs).
  • No property or event arguments that provide a Uri will ever return a null reference. Instead, a blank URI (about:blank) is now returned that can be checked with the new IsBlank Uri extension.
  • A predefined, default drop-down (popup) menu has been added to the to the Windows Forms WebControl (WebPopupMenu).

API Changes

New API:

Awesomium.Windows.Controls (WPF)

Modified API

Awesomium.Windows.Controls (WPF)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue introduced in 1.7.1 that would cause the internal queued navigation of child views created at IWebView.ShowCreatedWebView (result of JavaScript ‘’) be aborted, breaking opener<->child relationship.
  • Fixed an “out of sync” exception that could occur at WebCore shutdown (during DestroyUnwrappedViews).
  • Fixed a concurrency issue that could throw an ArgumentException (Source array was not long enough) while adding messages in the WebCore’s internal asynchronous queue.
  • (JavaScript) Fixed “awejif is not defined” that occurred in several occasions.
  • Fixed memory leak when disposing of a WPF WebControl.
  • The WPF WebControl (and WebViewHost) now properly process all keys (like TAB, Arrows etc), when ViewType is set to Window.
  • Fixed a (rare) NullReferenceException thrown when several methods of an IWebViewPresenter (like HidePopupMenu), were being called in the absence of a valid Application object (Application.Current).
  • Fixed an InvalidOperationException (Nullable object must have a value) thrown at mouse input in WebViewPresenter.
Windows Forms
  • Fixed memory leak when disposing of a Windows Forms WebControl.
  • Fixed an issue that caused page content be selected based on mouse movement, when a WebControlContextMenu or WebPopupMenu is open.

Please read here, the list of bugs fixed in native Awesomium. Some of them affected Awesomium.NET.

Changes in Samples

  • Improved the favicon acquisition code in C# and VB.NET samples.
  • Fixed issues in the TabbedWPFSample that would potentially cause a memory leak.
  • Fixed issue in the C# WinFormsSample that would potentially cause a memory leak.
  • The TabbedWPFSample demonstrates the usage of the new WebConfig.ReduceMemoryUsageOnNavigation.
  • The TabbedWPFSample demonstrates the usage of the new UrlConverter (to avoid displaying about:blank in the status bar).
  • TabbedWPFSample and TabbedFormsSample demonstrate recreation of a crashed view (new feature).

Known Issues

  • On Windows 8, WebGL is currently not supported.

Under production:

  • When you are using the OSX OSMWebView, drop-down (popup) menus (e.g., HTML: <select>), are not displayed automatically. Predefined drop-down (popup) menus have been added to the WPF WebControl and the Windows Forms WebControl but not to the MonoMac OSMWebView yet. However, the new powerful API allows you to design and display these yourself, by handling the ShowPopupMenu event.

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