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What's New in 1.7.1

.NET Language:

We are very proud to announce the release of Awesomium.NET 1.7.1. This is a critical update with a number of new features and enhancements but mostly bugfixes that we have applies the past two months, mainly thanks to your feedback.

A lot has gone into this release. Before you go through the changes in Awesomium.NET, take a look at the major changes in native Awesomium:

Here is a summary of changes in Awesomium.NET:

New Features

  • Made so you can now create views and WebControls that display the source code of loaded web pages.
  • The internal Download Manager has been redesigned so that it respects the initial request that triggered the download operation.
  • JSValue.ToString now correctly reports the native textual value.
  • Internal JavaScript Interoperation Framework has been improved in handling JavaScript dialog requests from frames and displaying the textual representation of JavaScript objects correctly, when such objects are passed to an alert, confirm or prompt.
  • Added the ability to make asynchronous method invocations on a JSObject, when using dynamic programming.
  • Added the ability to acquire a JavaScript object’s Function members and subsequently invoke them when using dynamic, even through a variable.
  • Added more checks for the validity of the specified outputDirectory, when using IWebView.PrintToFile.
  • Made it safe to perform certain operations on windowed views before ParentWindow is set.
  • Made it so certain events fired on created child views, are now captured and passed to the managed wrapper (when ShowCreatedWebViewEventArgs.NewViewInstance is wrapped).
  • Made it so requests to child views that are the result of links (or forms with method GET) with target="_blank", are canceled by default prior to ShowCreatedWebView.

API Changes

New API:

Awesomium.Windows.Controls (WPF)

Modified API

Bug Fixes

  • WebCoreConfig.RemoteDebuggingHost default value is now correctly set to
  • Fixed issue with downloads failing when triggered from an authentication context.
  • Fixed issue with downloads failing when triggered by a POST request.
  • Fixed exception thrown at WebSession.SetCookie.
  • Fixed issue with ShowCreatedWebViewEventArgs.IsWindowOpen occasionally returning false for calls triggered from a frame.
  • Fixed exception thrown when attempting to create a local JSObject.
  • Fixed issue with synchronous JavaScript calls timeout, when JavaScript would call back into native code (such as with a modal JavaScript dialog).
  • Fixed exception thrown when attempting to use a cloned JSObject.
  • Fixed issue that could cause NativeViewInitialized be fired multiple times.
  • Fixed issue that would cause an AccessViolationException when multiple views were created fast (exception thrown while I/O and Core threads were simultaneously accessing the core’s WebViewCollection).
  • Fixed unhandled exception thrown while attempting to inject our internal JavaScript Interoperation Framework on an invalidated view.
  • Fixed false cancelling default navigation to target URL, on child views created as a result of submitting an HTML form with target="_blank" and method="post". (This bug caused the POST data to be lost.)
  • Fixed issue causing UrlEventArgs.HasErrors to always return true.
  • (WPF) Fixed re-introduced issue with WebViewPresenter of WebControl rendering in wrong size on systems with non-standard DPI setting.
  • (WPF) Fixed issue with WebViewPresenter of WebControl not scrolling properly on systems with non-standard DPI setting.
  • (WPF) Fixed issue with WebControlContextMenu of WebControl not displayed in the correct position on systems with non-standard DPI setting.
  • (WPF) Fixed issue with WebPageInfoPopup of WebControl not displayed in the correct position on systems with non-standard DPI setting.
  • (WPF) Fixed issue that would cause a WebPopupMenu close when clicking on its scrollbar.

Please read here, the list of bugs fixed in native Awesomium. Some of them affected Awesomium.NET.

Known Issues

  • On Windows 8, WebGL is currently not supported.

Under production:

  • When you are using the Windows Forms WebControl, drop-down (popup) menus (e.g., HTML: <select>), are not displayed automatically. Predefined drop-down (popup) menus have been added to the WPF WebControl but not to the Windows Forms WebControl yet. However, the new powerful API allows you to design and display these yourself, by handling the ShowPopupMenu event.

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