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What's New in 1.7.0

.NET Language:

Before you go through the changes in Awesomium.NET, take a look at the major changes in native Awesomium:

Here is a summary of changes in Awesomium.NET:

New Features

  • Added protections that prevent JS interoperation methods being called on an IWebView instance, before DocumentReady.
  • Added protections that prevent the use of JS-related API, when WebPreferences.Javascript is disabled.
  • JSObject no longer inherits DynamicObject. It now provides advanced low level dynamic API support through .NET’s IDynamicMetaObjectProvider.
  • Added protections that prevent the use of synchronous JS API calls, when the context is synchronous (from within a synchronous custom method handler).
  • Implemented internal downloads management and added the DownloadCollection and DownloadItem classes that allow you to easily monitor and bind your MVVM application to download operations.
  • Added support for Zoom setting to views and the ability to retrieve settings for specific hosts from WebSession.
  • Made it so the WPF/WinForms WebSessionProviders provide a previously created WebSession with the same DataPath, instead of attempting to create a new one.
  • Made it so the IsManipulationEnabled of WPF presenters is bound to the WebControl (this will propagate the ManipulationDelta routed event to the WebControl).
  • Added design-time support for WebPreferences (available through WebSessionProviders).
  • All properties and event args that accept or return a Uri, are now ready to silently respond to malformed URIs.
  • Removed the ResourceInterceptor class. IResourceInterceptor interface remains.
  • Added support for JavaScript dialogs.
  • Added support for handling Certificate errors and obtaining page’s security related information.
  • Added the ability cancel/handle navigations asynchronously, through the new INavigationInterceptor service. The service also supports white/blacklisting.
  • Added default dialog for selecting a folder at Print requests, SelectLocalFiles and design-time, to the WPF WebControl and design-time support.
  • Added default drop-down (popup) menu to WPF WebControl (see WebPopupMenu and WebPopupMenuBase).
  • Added default WPF certificate error dialog.
  • Added default WPF web page info cpntrol and popup. (see WebPageInfoPopup and WebPageInfoControl).
  • Added default dialog layers for handling Javascript dialogs to the WPF WebControl.
  • Added the ability to handle all user input (including system and control keyboard events) through the WPF WebControl’s Preview events.
  • Added default dialogs for handling Javascript dialogs to the Windows Forms WebControl.
  • Added default ContextMenu to the Windows Forms WebControl.
  • Extended design-time support for the WPF WebControl.
  • Added design-time support for the Windows Forms WebControl.

API Changes

New API:

Awesomium.Windows.Controls (WPF)
Awesomium.Windows.Forms (Windows Forms)

Modified API

  • All API members’ names with an ID suffix, have been renamed to have an Id suffix (eg, IWebView.ProcessID -> IWebView.ProcessId). These would be too many to list here.
  • Changed all event triggers to not accept a sender (having a sender was a wrong pattern).
  • IWebView.Download -> WebCore.Download
  • Removed IWebView.BeginNavigation (replaced with advanced INavigationInterceptor service).
  • Removed WebPopupMenuInfo.Items (WebPopupMenuInfo is now IEnumerable<WebMenuItem>)
  • Moved ShowCreatedWebViewEventArgs.InitialPos to JSWindowOpenSpecs.InitialPosition.
  • Moved IWebViewPresenter to Awesomium.Core. Now all views can have a presenter assigned (see IWebView.Presenter) to handle major UI-related events (still implemented by WPF presenters).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with ResourceDataSource that would not allow requests with queries.
  • Fixed issue in designer of the Windows Forms and WPF WebControl, that would cause the core to attempt to make p/invoke calls to the Awesomium library at design-time.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent escaped URIs from being properly passed to servers.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the internal SurfaceFactory to throw an exception, when destroying a Surface.
  • Fixed bug in default implementation of dialog callbacks in WebView. Events are now properly canceled.
  • Removed all useless production-time GC.Collect() calls.
  • Made it so default navigation of new child views, is properly cancelled until the view is wrapped.
  • Removed useless protection from CreateGlobalJavascriptObject, that would prevent the method from being called before ProcessCreated. This is no longer a requirement.
  • Fixed bug that would cause an exception be thrown at user input, when using the WPF WebViewPresenter independently.
  • Fixed issues with setting the NativeView property on the WPF WebControl.
  • Fixed false LoadingFrameFailed events occuring before downloads.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent setting the Source property to the WPF WebControl, at runtime.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the Source property of the WPF WebControl, to reflect the currently loaded page URL.
  • Fixed bug introduced in RC3 that would prevent tranparency to the WPF WebControl.
  • Fixed AddressChanged event not being fired on WPF WebControl.
  • Fixed issues with Unicode strings not being properly passed to and from native Awesomium.
  • Fixed issues with the IsCrashed property not reflecting the actual status of the view, and issues with the Crashed event not being fired.
  • Fixed exception that could occur when attempting to Shutdown the core during internal update.
  • Fixed bug that could occassionally cause a NullReferenceException at ExecuteJavascript.
  • Fixed InvalidCastException when setting ViewType on the WPF WebControl.
  • Fixed issue in WPF WebControl that caused the right side to be cropped when DPI was set to any value other than the default.
  • Fixed view crash when WebPreferences.Javascript was set to false on the view’s WebSession.
  • Fixed bug causing a WPF WebControl to crash when repeatedly opening/closing a WebPopupMenu.
  • Fixed “Width and Height must be positive” exceptions on the WPF WebControl.
  • Fixed focusing editable content issues on the WPF WebControl.

Please read here, the list of bugs fixed in native Awesomium. Some of them affected Awesomium.NET.

Known Issues

  • On Windows 8, WebGL is currently not supported.
  • On some Windows XP installations, you may get a DllNotFoundException when trying to execute an application that uses Awesomium (native or .NET bindings). This indicates you need to install the latest update of Direct X, available here: DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010). Note: If you are using the Windows Installer to deploy the Awesomium SDK, the setup package takes care of this.

Under production:

  • When you are using the Windows Forms WebControl, drop-down (popup) menus (e.g., HTML: <select>), are not displayed automatically. Predefined drop-down (popup) menus have been added to the WPF WebControl but not to the Windows Forms WebControl yet. However, the new powerful API allows you to design and display these yourself, by handling the ShowPopupMenu event.